SAIKRIPA : PRESENT PROJECTS In 1988, SAIKRIPA was like a baby lost in the woods - because nobody took Anjina and her brainchild SAIKRIPA seriously, but slowly people started joining hands with SAIKRIPA and a strong bond was formed

BAL KUTIR: On 27th February 1990 BAL KUTIR formally opened its doors to children at F-44, Sector-20. It started with one child but now has 43 39children who are as happy and intelligent as any child who has his own family. Apart from this, 11 Eleven children have taken up jobs and are living independently,3 three girls have been married off and more than 75 40 children have been restored to their families with the co-operation of the police and the public. BAL KUTIR was set up not only to provide shelter and the basic needs of children, but also Home to provide them with love and affection. It strives to give these children emotional as well as physical security. Co-curricular activities are taught to the children through classes in music, dance, and other arts on a regular basis. During vacations, educational and recreational tours are organized for the children, wherein they have already visited Corbett National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Bhakra Nangal Dam, Vaishno Devi, Shirdi, Bhopal, Mathura Brindavan, Aurangabad, Ajmer, Jaipur, Haridwar and Rishikesh Though no particular religion is thrust upon the children, they are brought up to be believers in God and are also taught the values of life. As in any family these children are also brought up continue to stay at home till they grow into responsible independent individuals. Once they take up jobs and are confident of supporting themselves, they step out into the world with equal pride and confidence as children from any other family. They cherish their upbringing and do not find themselves lacking in any aspect while interacting with others.

SAI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN: On 8th April 1991 SAI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN an English medium school was started in village with classes up to 2nd Std. Today the school has come up to the 10th std. Initially, it was planned to be set up in one of the slums of NOIDA, but on requests from some villagers who wanted a school in their village, it was set up in the village Vazidpur, Sector-135, Noida as there was no proper school in the vicinity; this village is about 16 KM away from the main town of Noida. It has strength of about 300 students coming from four surrounding villages and the economically weaker section of NOIDA. The children of Bal Kutir also study here. The school charges a monthly fee of only Rs. 200/- Rs.150/- per month. Apart from the academic basic education the children are taught activities like tailoring, dance, music and other art and crafts.

SAI BAL SANSAR: SAI BAL SANSAR is an informal education centre started in November 1999 for the benefit of the slum/street children of NOIDA with no rigidity for age limit. It provides free education and mid-day meal to the children. The main purpose of this was to divert these children towards education and spending time more fruitfully, rather than taking to begging and loitering around and thus falling prey to vices like smoking, gambling, drugs etc. After these children attain the level of education to fit into the regular schools, they are sent to SAI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN or any other school they prefer for pursuing and completing their Secondary Education.

SAI VATSALYA VATIKA “Sai Vatsalya Vatika” which means “Sai’s Garden of Love and Affection” has been started for children with special needs and endeavours to identify the innate talent and potential of each child separately, and nurture them in an appropriate manner through early intervention so as to maximize their potential. Since the learning process of "Special Children", specially mentally challenged children, is different from that of so-called "Normal Children", the school shall be committed to provide appropriate learning environment that is stimulating, secure and joyful, with an appropriate social and emotional setting in which the "Special Children" can blossom.

SAI VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE There has to be a clear path form education to employment to entrepreneurship. There has to be more than people getting an education to get employed ….. people should start thinking about creating jobs. It is not just what you know but what you can do with what you know that makes a difference.

The components of employable skills are severely lacking in the schools. Hence Vocational Courses which give life skills are functional learning and are the backbone of our education system. This has been started on low fees mostly for the underprivileged section of the society who cannot afford to send their children for higher education in professional courses or for those children who drop out from the school at middle or secondary level due to lack of proficiency, interest or any other reason in academics. Initially courses on Tailoring, Computer, Electronics and Beauty culture have been started.







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